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CROSSOVER (THE CHASER CHRONICLES Book 1) – Detective Mysteries

CROSSOVER (THE CHASER CHRONICLES Book 1) – Detective Mysteries
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Last updated on October 11th, 2017

Christian detective mystery
This engaging, fast-paced book reminds me of old TV first person detective mysteries.

The Good

  • Consistent use of first person.
  • An engaging story that’s griping till the end.
  • Sly humor
  • The beginning created mystery, which helps allure the reader in.
  • The budding romance between the detective and cop is well laid out.
  • Very creative story

The Bad

  • Nothing in this story takes away from John C Dalglish crafting a clever story.

The Unsure 

  • Non-prescription drug use. Like dang, as the story ends, the main character pops down pills till no end is in sight.
  • He loves his mother and visits her often. They call and talk a lot. I often disliked their conversations, and I think it distracted from the story.

*My opinion: what I didn’t care for or do not prefer. This will not lower a rating unless it overly distracts from the story.

Check “Crossover: The Chaser Chronicles” out at Amazon.


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