Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit (Book One)

Last updated on January 11th, 2018

Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit (Book One) – Christian fantasy/thriller/horror novella


Do you enjoy Christian fantasy? “Encountering Darkness” will take you on a thought provoking journey.

In this nightmarish tale, Pete and Amy try to discover who or what to follow. As Pete and Amy hear many voices declaring “truth”, which is the right one? The situation seems bleak, at best, especially for Pete.

Pete, a successful Mayor, must make sense of what is going on in this world and the world to come. He is haunted by an unknown smell from the darkened anthropomorphic house he lives at, as well as a strange world he keeps reappearing in.

Curious things keep happening as this man is caught in a double life of weakness and strength. On the one hand, he is loved and people understand him as a powerful, prosperous man. On the other hand, he is secretly weak and lost, especially when around his house.

Amy, who encounters Pete later, is a skilled warrior, from a different world. She has reliance on no one. Yet she too, is in confusion at what is happening, and her world crumbles from what she has previously known.

Can Pete and Amy figure out what is occurring before they follow the wrong voice?

Filled with suspense, action and a rush of adrenaline, humor and defiance…you’ll be on the fringe.

Jack Magnus’s Rating:

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit is a Christian fantasy novel written by Paul Brandt. Mayor Pete Pethaford was proud of what he had accomplished for his town and its people. Since he had become the mayor, Winfield had built a new school and a hospital. The police and firemen were finally given adequate compensation for their services, and he was currently working on increasing the salaries of the teachers in town as well. Pete gave generously to charitable causes and was admired by his constituents. While he had done so much for the town, however, he was still perplexed why its streets were so silent that morning. There wasn’t a person in sight, nor were there any cars. It was all because of that building that they all went to on a particular day of the week, where they listened to a man in black preaching about end times. Pete just didn’t get it.

Paul Brandt’s dark Christian fantasy novel, Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit, follows the troubled philanthropic mayor whose good deeds pale in comparison with his dismissal of the church and its teachings. Pete’s world becomes nightmarish when his inability to discern the voice of his God leads him into quagmires and harsh landscapes. Brandt’s story poses a harsh justice that seemed at times at odds with my vision of an infinitely forgiving God, who would see Pete’s good deeds, the hospital, school and improved working conditions of public servants, as praise and worship in its own right. One might consider that the town and Pete’s good works were his own “building” and form of praise, in the spirit of those who feel that godliness should not be practiced only when one is in church. Brandt’s tale gives the reader a lot to think about as Pete struggles through a Faustian nightmare and seems unable to see the light. Encountering Darkness: The Great Pursuit is a thought-provoking tale that is recommended for fans of Christian fantasy.

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*The book will be released over a few months on Wattpad (starting December 2017), if you would like to read the whole story now, then email me (bookwritergeek@gmail.com).

Paul Brandt, Indie Christian Writer, Paul Brandt, once born in a seven passenger van, now lives in Louisville, KY where he works overnight to achieve his dreams and sleeps, at random times. Growing up, he often had motivation to create things, whether it be writing or music, and continued that passion into adult life. When he is not writing, he enjoys reading, music composition, and biking. Paul is growing into a greater inclination to be Christ-like, and aims, while often failing, to follow him every day.

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Doug Brandt

This is a really great book review. Thanks Jack!