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A Conspiracy of Breath Review – Who Wrote Hebrews?

A Conspiracy of Breath Review – Who Wrote Hebrews?
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Last updated on October 11th, 2017

A Conspiracy of Breath, Latayne C. Scott

Scholars cannot agree on the authorship of Hebrews, but in “A Conspiracy of Breath,” Lataynee C. Scott identifies Priscilla, a first century woman, as the person responsible for receiving Hebrews from the Holy Spirit. For those literate in the Bible, you will find stories throughout Acts woven into this creative tale.

The Good

  • The story is engaging
  • Biblically accurate
    • E.g., Priscilla and Aquila travel together with the Apostle Paul. Priscilla and Aquila are tent makers, along with Paul. For over a year, Paul helps Aquila and Pricilla with their tent making business.
    • This book makes me giddy because I’m a nerd, and I enjoy seeing the Biblical connections.
  • Vivid settings
    • “In Corinth, the symmetry of sparkling ribbed columns with their satisfactions of dimensions and ratios and curling acanthus leaves, and the yearning twist of a carved marble torso over an invisible axis seen only in the artist’s mind—these brought back more powerful than those of the body: the yearning of the eye and mind.” (147)
  • Vivid characters
    • E.g., When conflict arose, I could sense the negative tension between Priscilla and other characters
    • On the other hand, the deep love Priscilla and Aquila had for each other was obvious. This was achieved by more than “She loved him.”
      • E.g., the respect Aquila had for Priscilla is how I would imagine an early Christian couple would be, (especially this couple) and is counter-cultural. Well done achieving this aspect. “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…” (Ephesians 5:25-33)
    • Peter, described how I imagined him to be from biblical text, had a short, but eerie crucifixion.
      • “There’s something wrong with the cross there,” said Cordelia, her face close to mine, her voice hoarse. Indeed, it seemed constructed wrong, with the crosspiece too low. As we neared, I could make out the body on it, upside down, then looked away quickly.” (365)
  • Well written
    • Various genres included for every kind of reader. “A Conspiracy of Breath” has elements of a love story, Biblical history, adventure, and thriller.

The Bad

  • N/A

The Unsure*

  • In the same theme as found in the Apostle Paul’s writing, I could find nothing I disliked except the many long winded sentences. I grew somewhat tired of having to decipher through long, but well written sentences.

*My opinion: what I didn’t care for or do not prefer. This will not lower a rating unless it overly, and distracts from the story.

While the story was great, and it’s plausible Priscilla is the author of Hebrews, it’s best to remember scholars just do not know for sure. E.g., I would argue there is as much evidence with Apollos, Paul, Barnabas, or Timothy’s authorship of Hebrews. Although, if you have a hint of interest in the controversial topic of who wrote Hebrew take a look at the book. Or, you enjoy a well crafted Biblical fiction, with true events interwoven, check out “A Conspiracy of Breath” on Amazon.

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Latayne C Scott

I am so grateful for your careful attention to my book! Thank you so very much!