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8 Websites: Helpful Information for First Time Authors Wanting To Self-Publish

8 Websites: Helpful Information for First Time Authors Wanting To Self-Publish
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Last updated on June 20th, 2017

Since I have recently written my first book, Encountering Darkness, I have realized there are many things I wished I research beforehand. I hope this list will help you avoid many of the common mistakes self-published and indie writers make and realize after publishing their first book. Instead of giving just my own thoughts on this topic, I decided I would include websites which already feature helpful information for first time authors.

This website which lists 5 ideas has helpful information. The first point really resonates with me because I have disregarded social media.

When I first started out, I didn’t realize the importance of these 4 things, with exception to the last one on the list, until I had already published my book. If I were to summarize the point that hit me the most it would be to expect more work, on your book, after publishing.

This website is a great source for writers. In fact, a look on the left side shows that this site is highly regarded by authors. Looking at this list, I realize that I have been blindsided by these 5 thoughts.

I enjoyed this short list of three because of the different topics introduced, and I am surprised and encouraged by the last item in the list. I try to write what I love and enjoy. The style of writing I produce and the topics do not seem to be popular, but that’s not all that important, unless this book writing endeavor is only about money.

In the case of this post, I resonate with the first point. I wanted to keep on editing my book until the next blue moon, but eventually I understood I needed to just publish the book.

I like how the subject matter is laid out for this post. In this guest post, he includes 3 ideas for how to specifically deal with the book, like editing, and also includes marketing strategies.

This article goes into a large amount of detail with 5 pieces of information for what she wished she knew before writing a book. She opens up to a good deal of her personal writing story and reminds writers that everything in the book process takes a lot of work and dedication. While this author is not a self-published author, she gives valuable information. Plus, she is a New York Times bestseller.

This website informs on 8 thoughts on the matter and has many good reminders for the realities for many writers. For many writers they are working full-time to pay bills.


I would love to hear which of these thoughts you resonated with? Is there something in this list these articles did not mention? Have you succumb to any of these on the list? Has this list been helpful?

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