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The Pillar of Light: The Milana Legends Review

The Pillar of Light: The Milana Legends Review
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Last updated on October 11th, 2017

The Pillar of Light

“The Pillar of Light: The Milana Legends” (Part one) is an interesting YA novel, which creates a captivating, imaginative world.

The Good

  • Fast pace
    • Many different actions scenes or intriguing moments
      • “He poked it a second time and there was a whoosh as Nani sank into the soil. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Kalin, Alexi and Chan were swallowed up by the ground.”
  • Use of Christian themes and undertones
    • There is an obvious parallel to the Christian belief of a higher being
    • These themes and undertones do not slow the progression of the plot
  • Great story
    • The book begins as a simple mystery, but everything becomes very complicated once the story reaches to another world.
    • I believe people not young adults will enjoy this book. I was skeptical whether I would enjoy it, but I did.
  • Interesting world
    • I enjoyed the world which is explained in detail and, in my opinion, exceeded the world of Narnia.

The Bad

  • Too many characters including minor characters which weren’t integral to the story. There were many main characters.
    • Since this book markets as a YA Fantasy, I imagine a few kids will have a hard time following every different character.

The Unsure*

  • Anna Travis would do well sticking with YA Christian Fantasy, but she has not continued the series since completing the second book two years ago.

*My opinion: what I didn’t care for or do not prefer. This will not lower a rating unless it overly distracts from the story.

Check out “The Pillar of Light: The Milana Legends” on Amazon.


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