Tooth and Nail – Free Book Preview – Chapter Three

Last updated on January 8th, 2018

Free Book Preview – Tooth and Nail

When Amy awakens, she jostles to her feet. As she looks around her, she remembers the Guonda. She searches for the animal, glancing to where the head should be, but finds a shield in its place.

She picks up the shield and searches the back for words. After seeing no words on the shield, Amy continues on her way towards the great unknown.

As she pulls herself up from the enclavement, she proceeds towards the Damned. Not knowing why she heads the same direction they are going, Amy stops and studies her surroundings. There is a broad road ahead of her, and a broad road behind her. Trees line the road on both sides. She looks at the sky for a direction, but Amy finds none and continues on her way.


***End of the free preview for Tooth and Nail: The Great Pursuit***

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